Wish lanterns in Hawaii ceremony

Here at Wish lantern HQ, we’ve recently discovered a tradition that has been taking place for years, on the stunningly serene and idyllic island of Hawaii. This year, on May 27th, people gathered to release wish lanterns across the Pacific Ocean, and watch them float away, in memory of loved ones they may have lost. The communal experience of mourning and remembering can be incredibly therapeutic, and comforting to have so many others around you, attendees of the ceremony commented. Susan Gregg, one of the ceremony initiators said that it comforts her to think of all the people at the event as “angels in human form”, sending prayers up to heaven for the angels already there. As the crowd watch the lanterns carry themselves away, the idea is to think of happiness spreading from their tiny island, all the way across the world, reaching the people who need it most.
If you would like to talk to one of our team about wish lanterns at a memorial service or a larger event, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget, we also have coloured lanterns, or plain white, to suit the tone of your day or evening, perfectly.
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA - the original manufacturers of the Wish Lantern. He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

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