Wish lanterns and the Chinese Zodiac

One thing that you’ll know about us by now is that we love wish lanterns, and all the joy they bring to so many people who use them for their special occasions. What you may or may not know is how much we love the Chinese culture, which gave us wish lanterns in the first place, and that we find the Chinese Zodiac a particularly fascinating idea. So, this week, we thought we’d delve a little deeper into the personalities of some of our team, according to the Chinese Zodiac, and share our findings with you…
Dan (born 1974): Being compassionate and willing to help others whenever they need aid is something that comes with being a ‘wood tiger’, as our Dan is. We can always rely on him!
Marita (born 1982):  Marita the ‘water dog’ is, according to the Chinese zodiac, faithful and flexible, relaxed and affectionate. As someone who did so well as account manager, now we know how she kept all our clients so happy!
Patrick (born 1990): Patrick is a ‘water horse’, meaning he’s free-spirited and a open-minded thinker. Great for someone who helps keep things creative and fun within the company.
Dave (born 1979): The only ‘earth goat’ in the office, it seems Dave would be the most conservative and independent member of the team. He’s someone who appreciates the little things, such as wish lanterns at a special event.
If you’d like to find more about what we’re really like, or would just like to order some wish lanterns (and maybe have a chat while you’re at it), just give us a bell or drop us an email, and we’ll be ready to help.
Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA - the original manufacturers of the Wish Lantern. He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

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