Armenians Send Flying Lanterns to Japan

Armenian kids sent many Flying Lanterns to Japan in the past few weeks. The lanterns were in memory of all the victims of warfare, and particularly the victims of Hiroshima.

There is an old Japanese belief, that if you fold 1000 paper cranes your wish will come true. Many victims of the radiation in Hiroshima has tried to do that and get their wish forĀ  a better health granted, but the wrongdoing of the wars have not granted that wish to anyone so far. So, as the anniversary of this tragedy is approaching, some Armenian kids have decided to send paper cranes and lanterns to Japan. The Japanese were very pleased with that, although some did not even know where Armenia was on the map. But nevertheless the Armenian kids explained that with every hand painted lantern they sent they are connecting to the souls of the war victims and as the lanterns ignite and start floating the souls of these people are connected to their modern day relatives. The Japanese have the custom of releasing lanterns. They light them and leave them on their window, so the souls of the departed can find their way back home. Later on they release them in a river and once again wave their goodbyes as they float to the sea.

The Flying Lanterns are a symbol of a care, wishful thinking and a sign to show everybody that the departed will never be forgotten.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA - the original manufacturers of the Wish Lantern. He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

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