A Review of the Birando & Wish Lantern Thanksgiving Competition

When the team brainstormed an idea for a Facebook competition to run in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, few of us could imagine the type of responses we’d received. We knew we wanted to inspire people. We knew we wanted to give people a platform upon which they could share their Thanksgiving wishes. And we knew that we wanted to share that thanks amongst our followers in honour of this very special time of year. None us knew, however, what time of responses we’d receive. And it’s fair to say that most, if not all of them, were amazing.

Wish Lantern Thanksgiving

Having closed the competition on Monday, we were excited to announce our winning wish. Since the competition worked on votes from the public, we left it to them to decide who’d won. And Lydia, whose Thanksgiving wish expressed her gratitude for her three healthy children and the lives they’ve lead thus far, took the number place of number one. Her prize consisted of a Thanksgiving product hamper to the value of $200 and filled to the brim with some of the amazing products from Wish Lantern and Birando.

There were many wishes that moved us. It’s safe to say that we were often left quite speechless upon reading the entries. Each beautifully crafted and inspiring honest, the wishes allowed us a little insight into the softer side of human nature – an insight which we value at this time of the year.

While we cannot say thank you enough to the people who chose to enter our competition and share their Thanksgiving wishes with us, we can say that we’ll never forget the wishes that were shared with us. We invite you to check them out below, and see for yourself the marvel of Thanksgiving and the gratitude it can inspire in each and every one of us.

And to all of our customers, partners and followers, we want you to know that we at Wish Lantern are thankful for you. We wish you all a jovial Thanksgiving, as well as a safe and happy festive season hopefully spent in the company of your loved ones!

Thanksgiving Competition Entries

Wish Lantern

Wish Lantern

Tammy Walsh is a staff writer at Wish Lantern looking after new product launches and our social profile.

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