Grow Your Plants In Gel Beads


Water bubbles are unique gel beads that expand up to 500% in size when they come into contact with water.  These gel beads are simple to use and can be utilized for decorations in and around your home.

Simply add the dehydrated beads to water and watch them expand over 4 hours until they reach their maximum size. Drain off the excess water and get decorating.

Used by professional florists for stunning effects in their flower arrangements and centerpieces, these water beads can also be used as a method of watering your plants.

These multi-colored water beads absorb the water and slowly release it to the plant’s roots. Not all houseplants do well with these beads, we suggest that you go for tropical foliage plants that don’t need direct sunlight.

What You Need To Do

Firstly, you need to hydrate the water bubbles by placing them in a large bowl and adding water (generally 2 cups). Add a pinch or two of plant food to ensure that your plant gets enough nutrients. Now let them soak and watch them grow!

Prepare the plants by removing it from its pot and separating the dirt from its roots.  To get rid of the excess soil that clings to the roots, soak your plant in some water to loosen the soil further or simply put the roots under running tap water.

Almost done! Place half of the gel beads in your vase or flowerpot. Arrange the roots over the layer of the gel beads and add the rest. You can recharge the gel beads every three weeks or so by adding more water and fertilizer.

At Wishlantern, we stock a wide variety of water bubbles or gel beads. There are so many colors to choose from and if you buy five packs of water beads from us you will receive a 5% discount on your order.


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