How to Use Your Eco Wish Lantern Safely

wishlantern-floating-sky-lanternsOnce lit up and floating in the sky, Wish Lanterns immediately enhance the atmosphere. There are concerns around getting these floating lanterns to this point.

You may be happy to know that Wish Lanterns are completely safe to use. There are, however, necessary steps and procedures to take before launching your Wish Lantern. Each of these floating lanterns comes with a list of instructions to follow which ensure your safety.

There are various considerations which need to be met before launching a sky lantern. It is advisable to keep water or a fire extinguisher close by and ensure that you are away from dry crops or dry land. The wind should not exceed 5 mph and the designated area should be clear from trees or buildings. Do not release a Wish Lantern within 5 miles of an airport. Children should not be left unattended or alone with a lantern as it is not a toy.

Launching a Wish Lantern takes patience. Firstly, be aware of the wind direction and ensure the area is obstacle free. The lantern needs to be fully opened without any creased corners. Now for the fun part, light the corners of the fuel cell and hold the Wish Lantern in an upright position until it feels lighter and watch as it rises slowly. Avoid forcing the Wish Lantern up into the air. It will then go up by itself, stand back and watch how it floats into the sky.

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