What Makes Our Eco Wish Lanterns Unique

Ever wondered what those lantern elegantly floating into the night sky exuding a calming hue are called? They are sometimes dubbed as floating lanterns, sky lanterns and even Chinese lanterns, but we like to refer to them as Eco Wish Lanterns.

They are designed to beautifully brighten up the night sky while keeping everyone enchanted as they float away into the distance. Whether you are hosting an event like a wedding, birthday or any outdoor event, you can trust that our range of Eco Wish Lanterns will leave virtually no trace when they land.

What makes our lanterns special compared to other types of floating lanterns you may find out there, is the fact that ours are built with the environment in mind. They are 100% biodegradable in construction and are made out of a bamboo frame, a fire proof fuel cell  and rice paper.

Our range of Eco Wish Lanterns come already assembled and only require little effort to get them floating away. You literally just have to light the fuel cell and wait for them to inflate.


After you let them go into the sky, you can sit in awe and watch them float off into the distance creating a memorable display. Of course, wish lanterns are always better when there are more.What Makes Our Eco Wish Lanterns Unique

One thing we are sure of at Wishlantern, is that we offer potentially the best quality sky lanterns available on the USA’s market. When we started up our business, we worked closely with a lantern manufacturer to ensure that we could create a high quality product.

We offer a wide range of sky lantern designs to ensure there is something for everyone. From classic white lanterns, to more specific American Flag, Halloween and Santa Eco Wish Lanterns, we stock them all!

For more information on our Eco Wish Lanterns, visit our website here or fill in a contact form and we will get back to you.


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