Light Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding



Weddings are very special occasions where unions are celebrated. Decorations and lighting are important factors as it is able to determine the theme and ambience of the wedding. Wishlantern has the perfect wedding lights to ensure your romantic occasion radiates with love.

Lighting also has the ability to illuminate and enhance your wedding venue. We have listed various types of lighting designs allowing you to choose which will best fit your wedding theme. Lighting also adds to the decoration of your wedding as a whole.

Wedding Lighting Ideas from Wishlantern

Hanging Light String – Metal Lanterns are a great addition to your d├ęcor. They are able to light up any area and are definitely an innovative way of using lighting for a wedding. Use these hanging lights to illuminate your dance way or pathways during the night.

-Candle Bags create the perfect old school atmosphere. The paper bags come with cut out designs which allows the candle to shine through more effectively creating a warm glow. These are particularly great for creating a soft hue in outside areas.

Hanging Light String – Silver Flowers are elegant and classy. This is a modern way one is able to use lighting to create a romantic feel in the air.

Wish Stars are all-time must haves! Why not have a few for the dance floor. Wishlantern has a wide variety to choose from ensuring it will accommodate your wedding theme.

Well, there you have it! You can count on Wishlantern for any lighting decorations. We want your special day to shine and imprint on your memory forever.

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