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Wish Stars Are Great for All Occasions


Set the mood for any occasion with our endless designs of wish stars. From special holidays like Diwali, 4th of July, to special occasions like birthdays, these decorations will make any occasion feel like a celebration.

Parties, birthdays or even weddings, are not complete without Wish Stars and nothing says “love is in the air” like a floating wish lantern. Let us help you set the mood, light up …


Wish Stars of an evening

One of our clients living in Cape Town sent us in a series of photos of our Wish stars being used outdoor next to their pool. We thought the photos were great and wanted to share them with you. The wish stars are fixed to low wattage light bulbs giving them the great luminosity that shows off all the colors in the stars.

To see our full range of Wish …


Stars & Stripes Wishlantern Video

The Wishlantern team decided to make a little video to showcase our new Stars & Stripes Wishlantern. We’ve received quite a few emails from people wanting to see them in action so here they are mixed in with some scenic shots and a bit of a soundtrack. Enjoy!

Get yours Stars & Stripes Wishlanterns here in time for Independence day and show your true colours this year!


Bring Out Your Inner Romantic With WishLantern

Are you looking to plan a romantic evening for your other half? Stuck for ideas? Never fear, Wishlantern is here to help you plan the most perfect evening for your loved one.


A Romantic Dinner

Why not take your skills to the kitchen and cook a nice meal for your partner? Maybe choose their favorite meal and surprise them. At Wishlantern, we have all the necessary items to make your …

Multiple Wish Starts

Memorial Day Wish Star Discounts

Wish Stars were one of our favorite new product lines in 2012 and we are continuing evolve the line and the product in 2013.

As part of our stunning memorial day offers our Patriot Wish stars are almost 50% off – grab a bargain while you can. Our Patriot Color packages are available in the party package section of

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Tethering Wish Lanterns

Tethering Wish Lanterns | Our Advice

Our customer service team spend a part of every working day answering questions either emailed or called in about a number of different questions. One question they have requested a blog on is whether we recommend tethering wish lanterns.

Wish Lanterns when used normally follow the sequence below

  1. Remove from packaging and unwrap your wish lantern. Gently pull the paper into the shape of a mini hot air balloon
  2. Hold
Wish Star hung beautifully in a bedroom

Wish Star lit beautifully in a customers bedroom

In the build up to Thanksgiving and all the merriness that makes America such a great place to be at this time of the year, we thought you would like to see a customers image of our new wish stars hung up romantically in a bedroom.

We thought it took sharing to a new level to get images of a customers’ bedroom – but we think you would agree that …


Light Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding



Weddings are very special occasions where unions are celebrated. Decorations and lighting are important factors as it is able to determine the theme and ambience of the wedding. Wishlantern has the perfect wedding lights to ensure your romantic occasion radiates with love.

Lighting also has the ability to illuminate and enhance your wedding venue. We have listed various types of lighting designs allowing you to choose which will best …


4th of July Party Ideas

Impressing friends, family or colleagues this 4th of July is easy! Everyone loves a great party and it’s definitely one of those occasions where you can celebrate with novel party ideas and decorations. This Independence Day you can put together a memorable event with ease – using our step-by-step guide to throwing the ultimate festivities!

5-Step Party Starter Kit

With the right decorations and accessories you can turn almost …


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