Floating Water Lanterns


Light Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding



Weddings are very special occasions where unions are celebrated. Decorations and lighting are important factors as it is able to determine the theme and ambience of the wedding. Wishlantern has the perfect wedding lights to ensure your romantic occasion radiates with love.

Lighting also has the ability to illuminate and enhance your wedding venue. We have listed various types of lighting designs allowing you to choose which will best …


Christmas Gift Ideas


The festive season is slowly approaching and we have the perfect Christmas gift ideas for you. Spoil your family and friends this with Wish lantern!

Wishlantern provides a range of quality and innovative products to our customers across the USA. We have a wide variety of products to choose from. No matter the occasion or event, Wishlantern is here to assist. We want your event to be as memorable as …


How to Use Your Eco Wish Lantern Safely

wishlantern-floating-sky-lanternsOnce lit up and floating in the sky, Wish Lanterns immediately enhance the atmosphere. There are concerns around getting these floating lanterns to this point.

You may be happy to know that Wish Lanterns are completely safe to use. There are, however, necessary steps and procedures to take before launching your Wish Lantern. Each of these floating lanterns comes with a list of instructions to follow which ensure your safety.…


Warm Up Your Evening With Floating Wish Lanterns


Are you trying to set the right ambience for your next event and not quite sure what you can do? At Wishlantern, we are here to ensure that you have the perfect products to take your evening from bland to beautiful.

Create The Perfect Ambient Lighting

Our range of floating wish lanterns are a simple yet elegant accessory that can be used to create beautiful hues while floating around …


Create A Stunning Ambience With Our Floating Wish Lanterns


Finding the perfect accessory for setting the ambience can be quite a difficult task indeed. You don’t want something too distracting or overwhelming – Enter our range of Floating Wish Lanterns.

These beautiful lanterns can be used on water or on the floor to create subtle and gentle hues for any environment.  Our Floating Wish Lanterns design spins off a tradition dating back hundreds of years from the Loy …


Light Up The Night Sky With Wish Lanterns


Experience the grace and elegance of our range of eco wish lanterns as they slowly float off into the night sky. Also known as flying lanterns or sky lanterns, these beautiful products are designed to add an impact to a wide range of party events.

Whatever event you are planning these traditional lanterns are great for any outdoor occasion. They are designed to make a minimal impact on the …

Wish Lantern Product Advice

Tying together floating lanterns | Our Advice

Floating Water Lanterns are one of the most popular parts of our range, and our customer questions on these lanterns are fairly diverse. You can see more of the floating lanterns on our floating lantern product page.

Floating Water Lanterns - ColourA common inquiry is regarding whether it is possible to tie together floating lanterns so stop them from drifting off. The simple answer is that it is possible, and follow the steps …

Floating Water Lanterns

Floating Water Lanterns | How To Use Guide

We launched our range of Floating Water Lanterns back in 2009 and they remain one of our most popular items.

Floating water lanterns are designed for still bodies of water like a lake or pond where they can be released as night falls and float with the gentle currents of the water and the wind.

They are not designed with the currents of a river in mind – and


Hawaiian Memorial Day Lanterns

Memorial Day is a special time all across America including on the Islands of Hawaii.

This May 28th between 6pm & 7.30pm more than 3000 floating lanterns will be launch, 2000 of these lanterns are available for the the public to get involved and launch a lantern out from the shores of Al Moana Beach.

Lantern Floating Hawaii is an organization with the aim to give people a personal moment …


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