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Capture The Perfect Moment At Your Wedding


Are you looking for special decorations to add to your wedding? You have come to the right place. Wishlantern have a range of “Magical Wedding Ideas” for you! Allow us to share our bestselling wedding and lighting decorations with you.

Wishlantern stocks original and innovative products. You can count on us to deliver an effective, efficient and reliable service. The last thing we want is for you to worry about …


How to Use Your Eco Wish Lantern Safely

wishlantern-floating-sky-lanternsOnce lit up and floating in the sky, Wish Lanterns immediately enhance the atmosphere. There are concerns around getting these floating lanterns to this point.

You may be happy to know that Wish Lanterns are completely safe to use. There are, however, necessary steps and procedures to take before launching your Wish Lantern. Each of these floating lanterns comes with a list of instructions to follow which ensure your safety.…


Light Up The Night Sky With Wish Lanterns


Experience the grace and elegance of our range of eco wish lanterns as they slowly float off into the night sky. Also known as flying lanterns or sky lanterns, these beautiful products are designed to add an impact to a wide range of party events.

Whatever event you are planning these traditional lanterns are great for any outdoor occasion. They are designed to make a minimal impact on the …

Labor Day

Get yourself ready for Labor Day

Labor Day

The end of summer is slowly encroaching, bringing closer one of the most celebrated days in our history. The day of rest, Labor Day, is going to be held on the 7th of September this year. The question is, are you ready to commemorate this holiday with a party that will make all past occasions seem dull?

Whether you are going on your last roadtrip before summer ends or …


Ride the Wind Day

Get your Sky Lantern ready for the 23rd of August, because it is the Ride the Wind Day. Naming each day for something special can be really fun and you can take full advantage of that. It might be a Raspberry Ice Cream Day – go out and indulge yourself with that sweet treat, it may be the Friendship Day – do something special with your best friend. But …


Japanese Lanterns Festival

Just like the Chinese, the Japanese also have festivals where they use flying lanterns. The Japanese festival is called Toro Nagashi. Toro, in Japanese, means lantern, while nagashi means float. The lanterns are left to float on the river at the last evening of the Obon Festival, which is an old Buddhist tradition. The lanterns are supposed to lead the spirits of the diseased to the other world, to …


Ask For Forgiveness with Flying Lanterns

Have you ever thought about how to ask someone for forgiveness? You can light flying lanterns and do so. We are all human and we make mistakes and sometimes we do things that can hurt others. And then we are remorseful and we feel bad, looking for a way to mend our mistake. Sometimes people have a hard time asking for forgiveness. Many find it very hard to admit that …


Flying Lanterns on D-Day

Flying Lanterns on D-Day

Flying Lanterns on D-Day

Memorial Day has passed, but if you have some Flying Lanterns left over, save them for the 6th of June, for it is D-Day. On this day in 1944, one of the greatest military operations took place in Normandy – the landing of the Allied troops prepared to fight Nazi Germany. This crusade was led under the motto that the troops will take nothing but …


How to Fly Lanterns Safely

Flying Lanterns might be your choice when it comes to a party accessory. However, there are a few things you should know before you operate

Flying Lanterns Safety

Flying Lanterns Safety

 these gadgets. They are designed to be very safe, but nonetheless there are a few steps you should follow when launching them. The flame in the lanterns is totally safe, but you can never be too careful – so keep a fire …


Armenians Send Flying Lanterns to Japan

Armenian kids sent many Flying Lanterns to Japan in the past few weeks. The lanterns were in memory of all the victims of warfare, and particularly the victims of Hiroshima.

There is an old Japanese belief, that if you fold 1000 paper cranes your wish will come true. Many victims of the radiation in Hiroshima has tried to do that and get their wish for  a better health granted, but …


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