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Light Up The Sky With Floating Lanterns


Do you have an upcoming occasion and need something special to captivate your guests? Well, you are in luck. At Wishlantern, we offer a stunning array of floating lanterns that will make your evening the talk of the town.

Nothing is more spectacular than watching these glimmering lanterns float away into the night sky. No matter the special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or if you just feel like …


How to Use Your Eco Wish Lantern Safely

wishlantern-floating-sky-lanternsOnce lit up and floating in the sky, Wish Lanterns immediately enhance the atmosphere. There are concerns around getting these floating lanterns to this point.

You may be happy to know that Wish Lanterns are completely safe to use. There are, however, necessary steps and procedures to take before launching your Wish Lantern. Each of these floating lanterns comes with a list of instructions to follow which ensure your safety.…


Light Up The Night Sky With Wish Lanterns


Experience the grace and elegance of our range of eco wish lanterns as they slowly float off into the night sky. Also known as flying lanterns or sky lanterns, these beautiful products are designed to add an impact to a wide range of party events.

Whatever event you are planning these traditional lanterns are great for any outdoor occasion. They are designed to make a minimal impact on the …


4th of July Party Ideas

Impressing friends, family or colleagues this 4th of July is easy! Everyone loves a great party and it’s definitely one of those occasions where you can celebrate with novel party ideas and decorations. This Independence Day you can put together a memorable event with ease – using our step-by-step guide to throwing the ultimate festivities!

5-Step Party Starter Kit

With the right decorations and accessories you can turn almost …

Philippines Lanterns Guinness Record

Celebrating Special and Spiritually Enriching Moments with Wish Lanterns

Philippines Lanterns Guinness Record

Wish lanterns, are fairly new in some parts of the world and are rapidly gaining popularity.  Unfortunately, much of the meaning behind them has disappeared along the journey. Their history and eastern origins indicate that wish lanterns have a spiritual significance to those who release them into the sky.  They were, and still are, a way to set free your worries, wishes, hopes and dreams, as you watch them brighten …

Tethering Wish Lanterns

Instagram Images of Wish Lanterns

[instapress piccount=”200″ size=”200″ tag=”wishlantern” effect=”fancybox”]…


Wishlanterns exceed NY Pollution Regulations

Wishlantern is dedicated to providing a range of safe and fun party products.

Coming into summer our Flying Wishlanterns are one of our most popular products and as such are often used at weddings and events near coastal locations.

We recently got in touch with a member of the New York Marine Events and Permitting Waterways Management Division whom advised that our lanterns meet or exceed the pollution regulations in …


New Years Resolution Wishlantern

Well the year is almost up, Pretty soon it’ll be 2012 and on with all the adventures that the new year will bring. Here at Wishlantern we look forward to the upcoming challenges that lay ahead so when one of our customers shared his plans for a new years resolution Wishlantern launch we thought it was a great idea. No bias obviously 😉

Whether you plan to loose a few …


Taking Pictures of Wish Lanterns

Wish Lanterns make for absolutely amazing moments, and even better pictures to show off the next day. The only problem is that they are a bit difficult to capture on camera as the light isn’t exactly the most suitable for taking pictures. Many people enjoy lighting the lanterns and taking pictures of the spectacular event. However, on the next day when they look over the pictures they discover that they …


Wish Lanterns for Peace

Wish Lanterns are an ideal way to commemorate the upcoming September 11th 10 year anniversary of the falling of the twin towers. It was a heartbreaking and shocking moment for the whole world as people watched and couldn’t believe what was going on. There are various events organized throughout the US that will honor this very painful date. It is a day that the whole world united to grieve …


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