Safety with Wish Lanterns

Wish Lanterns are completely safe to use, however, as it involves a naked flame there are safety procedures that should be followed. Please ensure you read the instructions provided and are familiar with them before launching your Wish Lantern.


– Always keep water or fire extinguishers nearby
– Children must not be left unattended with the Wish Lanterns.
– Ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph.
– Use care around dry crops.
– Ensure that trees are not in the flight path.
– Do not release within five miles of an airport.


1. Check wind direction.
2. Ensure there are no obstacles in the way of the intended balloon flight.
3. Ensure Wish Lantern is fully open and corners are not creased.
4. Light the corners of the fuel.
5. Hold the Wish Lantern upright and after a few seconds the Wish Lantern will feel lighter and will gradually rise.
6. Do not attempt to throw it up into the air, just guide it and let it go by itself.
7. Stand back and watch it float up into the sky.

Wish Lantern accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury whatsoever caused resulting from the use of this product.

Download printable Wishlantern instructions here


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