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Wedding Lanterns From Wish Lantern

Our Wedding Lanterns quickly gained popularity as one of the central parts of weddings. We have had many enquiries about using Wedding Lanterns in ceremonies and receptions and have sold thousands to many happy couples across the USA.

A nice idea for the reception is to give your guests a Wedding Lantern each. They write a wish for the newlyweds on the lanterns , then release it up into the sky either individually or all at the same time. The same wishes are also written on personalised tags shown below that are given to the bride and groom.

Wedding lanterns add an extra special element to the wedding and is something all your guests can take part in together to create a stunning finale to your special day. They are sometimes used alongside a firework display or in addition at the end of the evening.

Wedding Lantern Packages

We offer brides and grooms specific wedding packages with custom made inserts that will make the presentation of your Wish Lanterns a special event. Our designs can be customised to your wedding theme.

* Custom Wedding Lantern Inserts – Personalised card inserts placed inside each Wish Lanterns, each insert is printed with name of the bride and groom, and date of the wedding in decorative font. Sure to impress guests, or as a gift for the bride and groom when handed out. View full detail image of a wedding lantern personalised insert

* Wish Cards – Printed with a personalised header and footer for the bride and groom and their wedding date, hand these cards out amongst guests for them to write a wish for the newly weds. Collect the cards at the end of your reception and have a memento of the loving wishes from friends and family on your special day.

* Wish Pens – Felt tip Wish Lantern pens that can be used to write wishes on the wish cards, or to carefully decorate wedding lanterns before they are launched.

* Wish Lighters – A set of branded lighters to hand out to guests or bride and groom to light their wedding lanterns with.

All the wedding packages below have a two week lead time due to the custom design and they will be shipped FedEx Ground only due to the contents.

Wedding Gift – $55 ex delivery
A Perfect Gift for the Bride and Groom. Three Wish Lanterns, three Wish Pens, one wish lighter and personalised Wish Lantern package inserts. Gift wrapped in a beautiful presentation box.
Small Wedding Package – $200 ex delivery
Twenty five Wish Lanterns, ten Wish Pens, five wish lighters, twenty-five personalised Wish Cards for the bride and groom and twenty-five personalised Wish Lantern package inserts.
Medium Wedding Package – $400 ex delivery
Fifty Wish Lanterns, twenty five Wish Pens, ten wish lighters, fifty personalised Wish Cards for the bride and groom and fifty personalised Wish Lantern package inserts. Perfect to lay out at the table for when guests are seated.
Large Wedding Package – $600 ex delivery
One hundred Wish Lanterns, fifty Wish Pens, one hundred personalised Wish Labels for the bride and groom, twenty wish lighters and one hundred personalised Wish Lantern package inserts. A truly spectacular effect for your big day.

Wedding Wish Lantern Sampler – $9.99 inc delivery

If you wish to purchase a single sample wedding wish lantern with a sample insert and wish tag before you purchase please use this button and we will send out by regular post – no postage charge!

Please call and ask for our weddings co-ordinator Sheik if you have any questions about our Wedding Lantern packages.


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