Anniversary Lanterns from Wish Lantern are a great way to celebrate the lasting love of your marriage and the eternal nature of your vows. Here are a few Wish Lantern anniversary ideas:

1. As a couple, release a single lantern together first, and watch as it floats up into the night sky, symbolising your lasting relationship and good luck for the future, before handing them around to your guests to launch themselves and filling the night sky with lanterns.

2. Have your lanterns customised with personalised inserts and wish cards to commemorate your anniversary celebrations. Make it a day to remember, whether you have had 1 happy year together, or 50. Our wedding lantern packages are ideal for anniversaries too.

3. If you choose not to go for the one of the wedding lantern packages which include wish pens and wish cards for guests to write their wishes of good luck to the bride and groom on, you can still add this touch by having your guests carefully inscribe their anniversary lanterns with good luck wishes in felt tip pen on the outside of the lanterns.

4. Wish Lanterns make an excellent anniversery present – we can gift wrap any order of lanterns, and include a happy anniversery message to the lucky recipients. Please call us on 0845 1215 500and place your order and special message over the phone, or email us at

5. For an extra special anniversary present, get choose our wish lantern wedding gift option from the weddings page – prefectly suited to both weddings and anniversary, the lanterns will come with deocarative inserts, personalised with bride and groom’s names and date of their anniversary, three wish lantern branded Wish Pens and a wish lantern branded Wish Lighter.

Historically lanterns have been used to mark anniversaries of not just marriages but a wide range of events, due to the beautiful and peaceful visual effect that they create, and their symbolism of good luck, hope and light – which originates from their traditional use in Thai and Taiwanese culture. Wish Lanterns are a great and unique way to mark respect for, celebration of or remembrance of any important event.

Photos from a recent Wish Lantern anniversary event:

Coloured Wish Lanterns released on Brighton beach to mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in NewYork, and birth of the gay rights movement (read more on this blog post):


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