Wish Lantern Display Team

Whatever your event may be, letting off a large number of Wish Lanterns is by far the most visually stunning way to use them. Your guests should be able to launch their own lanterns safely, however for in many cases, expecially involving large numbers of guests it may be advisable to book the Wish Lantern Display team to supervise the launch. It is worth informing your hired venue that you plan to release lanterns beforehand, as some venues will require you to have this kind of on site supervision for safety reasons.

The Display Team can consist of 1-4 members of Wish Lantern staff, depending on the size of the event and number of lanterns, who will hand out the Wish Lanterns to guests, explain how to correctly light them, and supervise your guests to ensure they light their lanterns safely, and if desired, as simultaneously as possible. They will help clear away the sleeves and inserts from the opened lantern packs. The Display Team will also be able to advise if weather conditions are suitable for launching on the day, however we cannot accept liability if it is unsuitable to launch the lanterns due to heavy wind or rain.

Members of our display teams are friendly and professional, and prices start at £80 + lanterns depending on location of your event and number of guests/lanterns. Please call us on 0845 500 1215 to speak to a friendly member of our team for a quote, or email sales@wishlantern.co.uk


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