Wish Lanterns

What is a Wish Lantern?

A Wish Lantern is similar to a mini hot air balloon, made out of very thin rice paper, when lit they float into the sky, and are a safe and unique alternative for fireworks. They are fully biodegradable, non-flammable and safe and easy to use, and create an amazing visual effect, as the glow from the lantern floats up into the sky, that adds enjoyment and wonder to any special occasion.


All you have to do is set light to the cardboard fuel cell attached to the lantern, wait for it to fill up with hot air, make your wish and gaze as the Wish Lantern floats up to the skies. The fuel cell well continue to burn for about 12 minutes, as the hot air causes the lantern to keep rising until they reach heights of up to a mile in the air.

Also known as Sky Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Sky Candle, Thai Lanterns and Khoom Fay, Wish Lanterns are traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals to symbolise the release of worries and problems. Read more about the history, culture and spiritual symbolism of Wish Lanterns on our Chinese Lantern and Thai Lantern pages.

A Wish Lantern stands 108cm (42.5 inches) tall and 66cm (26 inches) wide at its widest point.. After release and flight, the Wish Lantern will self-extinguish and float gently to the ground, where the rice paper will biodegrade, and the very thin wire at the bottom of the lantern will rust away in the rain.

We now have coloured Wish Lanterns available! Packs come with an assortment of colours, from a range of purple, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink and green. Purchase coloured Wish Lanterns here today.


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