Warm Up Your Evening With Floating Wish Lanterns


Are you trying to set the right ambience for your next event and not quite sure what you can do? At Wishlantern, we are here to ensure that you have the perfect products to take your evening from bland to beautiful.

Create The Perfect Ambient Lighting

Our range of floating wish lanterns are a simple yet elegant accessory that can be used to create beautiful hues while floating around …


Create A Dramatic Night Time Effect With Wish Stars

A dramatic party idea by Birando, the Wish Star is a high-quality handmade paper star which is absolutely ideal for glamourizing your next event. They make beautiful decorations during daytime and when accompanied by a LED unit these stars transform into spectacular night time visuals.

Wishlantern offers a wide variety of gorgeous designs to accompany the ornamentation of your event or party. Not only do they come in a variety …


Create A Stunning Ambience With Our Floating Wish Lanterns


Finding the perfect accessory for setting the ambience can be quite a difficult task indeed. You don’t want something too distracting or overwhelming – Enter our range of Floating Wish Lanterns.

These beautiful lanterns can be used on water or on the floor to create subtle and gentle hues for any environment.  Our Floating Wish Lanterns design spins off a tradition dating back hundreds of years from the Loy …


Grow Your Plants In Gel Beads


Water bubbles are unique gel beads that expand up to 500% in size when they come into contact with water.  These gel beads are simple to use and can be utilized for decorations in and around your home.

Simply add the dehydrated beads to water and watch them expand over 4 hours until they reach their maximum size. Drain off the excess water and get decorating.

Used by professional florists …


Get Your Party Started With Confetti Cannons


Decorations and accessories are a key element for any occasion or party. You can be sure to find a wide variety of party supplies from us at Wishlantern. Whether you are looking for party ideas for a kiddie’s party or wedding decoration ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Enter our bestselling Confetti Cannons! They are the perfect party accessory, no matter the celebration or occasion. We stock a wide range …


Light Up The Night Sky With Wish Lanterns


Experience the grace and elegance of our range of eco wish lanterns as they slowly float off into the night sky. Also known as flying lanterns or sky lanterns, these beautiful products are designed to add an impact to a wide range of party events.

Whatever event you are planning these traditional lanterns are great for any outdoor occasion. They are designed to make a minimal impact on the …


Wish Stars Are Great for All Occasions


Set the mood for any occasion with our endless designs of wish stars. From special holidays like Diwali, 4th of July, to special occasions like birthdays, these decorations will make any occasion feel like a celebration.

Parties, birthdays or even weddings, are not complete without Wish Stars and nothing says “love is in the air” like a floating wish lantern. Let us help you set the mood, light up …


Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Wedding Lanterns

A wedding is a magnificent, blissful occasion that brings together all the people you and your partner love in one place. Planning a wedding however, can prove to be a less delightful experience.

Stressful and tedious task planning can end in you pulling out chunks of your hair for various reasons. Planning the finances, seating charts and flower arrangements, booking the photographer, and venues plus a variety of other nail-biting …


Get your Harvest Party Started


It’s time to start planning your Autumn Harvest party and celebrate the fantastic festivities of fall. Instead of a Halloween party this year, invite your
friends and family around to take part in pumpkin carving, yummy fall dining and playing some harvest themed games.

Hosting a fall party often involves serving a harvest themed meal and decorating your place with natural materials available to you like corn stalks,
pumpkins or …

Labor Day

Get yourself ready for Labor Day

Labor Day

The end of summer is slowly encroaching, bringing closer one of the most celebrated days in our history. The day of rest, Labor Day, is going to be held on the 7th of September this year. The question is, are you ready to commemorate this holiday with a party that will make all past occasions seem dull?

Whether you are going on your last roadtrip before summer ends or …


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